Mitesh Parikh – Partner   |   415.851.4576

Mitesh Parikh

Mitesh is an exceptionally team-motivating entrepreneur and an experienced CEO, CFO, CMO, COO, VP of Sales and Marketing with 5 successful career acquisition exits. He is an exceptional executive with 20+ years in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations and has a deep expertise in Digital/Media Advertising.  He is a disciplined professional with expertise in the following industries: BlockChain/Cryptocurrency Technologies, Health Care, Beacon/RFID, Entertainment, Internet, Telecom, Mobile Applications, SaaS/Cloud/Big Data and IT/Cyber/GRC.

His broad but solid experience in these multiple industries has given him the ability to share insights and best practices with a wide variety of different companies. His talents have helped clients; from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies such as eBay, Cisco and AT&T find innovative winning strategies to today’s complex challenges in building world class sales, marketing, and operations teams. He is also a highly sought after Angel Mentor to the San Francisco Bay Area start-up community with specialties in venture funding, M&A, board management and valuations.