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Shane Hunt

Shane is highly regarded for his creative ability to spark and grow revenue across diverse engagements. His intense entrepreneurial and operational experiences have given him the experience and skill to create complex strategies which rapidly increase the speed and volume of new revenue. Shane’s origin to leading several organizations at the CEO level came through his individual success in professional sales, followed by leading national and international sales and development teams. He personally topped the nation while at Johnson & Johnson Inc., and Jackson & Coker. He has led companies that were recognized as best-in-class inside the top 500 franchises in the U.S., as well as achieving repeated success in other diverse industries and geographies i.e. early stage sportswear brands to leading Mergers & Acquisitions for the Robert Bass Company, and Exclusive Retained Search internationally. His vast experience in leading Altus engagements span the industries of communications/technology, healthcare, enterprise software, SaaS, experiential marketing for 200+ brands, Omni-Channel online-offline, and entertainment.

Shane has talent and vast experience in private investment funding, and has launched, led, and grown companies experiencing liquidity events. Though a serial entrepreneur and management consultant, his professional foundation was developed early in his career with Johnson & Johnson Inc. and their disciplined environment which he greatly admires.

Shane holds a BBA in Marketing from Tarleton University, an OPM from the Harvard School of Business, and has served on numerous for profit & not-for-profit Boards. Being raised on a working ranch in central Texas, Shane knows the meaning of a colorful life; one filled with tough challenges, no short-cuts to success, and enjoyment of the struggle. Shane personally brings a passion for adventure, a love of change, and a highly competitive spirit to help others win.