Revenue Growth Services

Since 1999, the partners of Altus Alliance have refined our proven methodology to accelerate client revenue and ensure healthy growth for new ventures, be they large or small. The combination of a proven track record, Fortune 1000 experience, and deep knowledge of the challenges faced by entrepreneurial endeavors enables Altus to help clients identify and execute against the best growth opportunities and optimize the sales process to maximize revenue traction.

PLAN: Market Driven Baseline 

  • Is your product positioned and aligned to meet validated market needs?
  • What markets have the greatest potential for your offering?
  • Is your business model optimized for your market and ultimate customer?
  • What are the key levers that can most effectively accelerate revenue growth?

EXECUTE: Business Development Traction

  • Have you effectively validated your business model with field sales?
  • What sales strategy has the highest revenue potential, and lowest cost of sales?
  • Who are the key decision makers and economic buyers for your product?
  • Are there gaps in your revenue operations that experienced revenue professionals might fill?

SCALE: Sales Process Optimization

  • Is your sales organization optimized for maximum revenue at the lowest cost?
  • Are all aspects of the sales funnel producing at optimum level?
  • Are you leveraging the right elements of inside, direct, and channel sales?
  • Do you have proper visibility into your sales pipeline and forecast?

HIRE: Altus Talent

  • What is missing from your existing team in the way of management skills, negotiation skills, and/or strategic skills?
  • What type of personality would best excel in the current company culture?
  • What is the succession plan for the role you are hiring?