Altus Talent

When your business grows or changes, or if an Altus Partner is transitioning out of an interim sales executive position, you will need new talent to build the team. When those new team members require best-of-class Sales, Marketing, or Business Development skills, Altus Talent can help.

We focus on what we know best and only place: key positions in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development, and CEO – all positions Altus Partners have held and understand. With a collective network spanning more than a century of work experience and consisting of thousands of top-tier “revenue talent” Altus Alliance is uniquely qualified to help you find the right talent for these critical positions.

We focus on more than just filling a job description.  We go beyond the tactical and technical requirements of the role and focus on the overall fit.

  • What is missing from your existing team in the way of management skills?
  • Negotiation skills?
  • Strategic skills?
  • What type of personality would best excel in the current company culture?
  • What is the succession plan for the role you are hiring?

These are all important questions that help us find you the right talent who can contribute to the mission in a myriad of ways, but with great focus on building the overall business and the bottom line.

And since many of our clients are early to mid-stage companies where the top line is equally as important as the bottom, we have created a fee structure aligned to tight budgets and far less than our competition.

Altus Talent Deliverables:

  • Job Description assessment and /or creation
  • Executive Team evaluation interviews
  • Succession planning review
  • Company culture and vision review
  • Recruiting Plan
  • Hiring Process review and / or creation
  • Submission of qualified candidates
  • References
  • Offer negotiations

Success Stories:

Arbitrage management technology company – In a market where technology talent is scarce and then you add required skills like previous sales of a financial application, understanding of the foreign exchange markets, ability to build a team from scratch nationwide, and the skill to double the company revenue every year, you have a surgical search. Altus Talent, working with the Altus Alliance Partner on the account, was able to identify three top VP candidates and make a successful placement in a tough geographic market.

Real Estate technology company – When they needed to hire top, senior sales talent for a new business being built within the existing company, they came to Altus Talent.  With 15 open sales positions, the talent had to be skilled solution sellers and also team players.  We were not only able to find the right players for the newly created business, but we have also placed the Director of the team.