Business Development Traction

Validate your business model: sell, listen, and adjust.

During the ascent to your ultimate goal, your team must respond quickly and effectively to the conditions it faces. The surest and most cost-effective approach is to confirm your model with a targeted sales effort, while remaining open and responsive to market feedback.  Every time your product is put in front of real prospects it represents an invaluable opportunity to make critical design adjustments and close gaps in your go-to-market strategy, while simultaneously executing to your plan and generating revenues.

The success of Business Development Traction is grounded in what we describe as “Renaissance Sales Skills.” That is, Altus’ deep background enables us to communicate with many parts of the organization, tolerate ambiguity common at this stage, and crack the code on product alignment and business model . It’s also common for us to identify new targets, develop new sales models and collateral to capitalize on the opportunity.

Business Development Traction is a vanguard sales effort focusing on:

  • Gathering key intelligence about how your product performs and is valued by your target customers.
  • Generating revenue through commercial agreements that create new distribution channels and direct sales opportunities that define the best direction and roadmap.
  • Validating findings and refining marketing tools and sales strategies for revenue acceleration.


  • Target market analysis and HOT opportunity profiling
  • Customer insights/feedback delivered to product development team
  • Initial sales tools and messaging
  • Tactical lead generation and funnel management programs
  • Go-To-Market strategies and tactics
  • Answers to key questions such as:
  • How can prospect targeting and lead generation be optimized?
  • What is the product’s position relative to the competition?
  • What type and number of distribution channels are needed?

Success Stories:

  • Emerging telecommunications technology company – Altus discovered and managed the closing of several telecommunication clients and partners which grew revenues to over $12 million, from $1 million, including a single $38 million dollar transaction which transitioned the company to profitability.  Additionally, Altus worked directly with management to close a successful acquisition of client by Versign.
  • Emerging media company – Altus developed a complete studio strategy for the company’s core product offering and closed Disney as a beach head client leading to follow-on deals with Warner and Paramount.
  • Corporate social media start-up – From defining the value proposition and positioning, to working the initial sales cycles, to helping name the company, Altus was a trusted partner to the Founder from the beginning. Altus drove the first four deals for the Client: Accenture, Goldman Sachs, Genentech, and Microsoft .