Market Driven Baseline

Market assessment and preparation are the keys to sales traction.

Co-developed by Stanford University, Mark Leslie (founder and CEO, Veritas) and Altus Alliance, our Market Driven Baseline is a proven process to enhance the success of your initial sales efforts. The underlying principles were published as the “Sales Learning Curve” in the Harvard Business Review in 2006, and put into practice through engagements with over 140 early stage ventures. The interview-driven process validates a comprehensive set of product and marketing assumptions before you go to market, and can make the difference between a sure-footed ascent and a series of costly missteps. The Market Driven Baseline process includes:

  • Market alignment derived through interviews with customers, partners, subject-matter experts, and employees that evaluates 21 key metrics across marketing, product, and sales.
  • Market value assessment (TAM/SAM), segmentation, HOT Opportunity Profiling, SWOT, and other tools help to identify and validate the best opportunities for near- and long-term sales revenue.
  • A prioritized action plan based upon research, interviews, analysis, and actionable recommendations aligned with your target market.


  • Metrics prioritization
  • Interview development
  • Interview process
  • Data compilation and analysis
  • Managed Ordered List – a prioritized list of actionable items to accelerate revenue growth
  • Summary findings and executive presentation

Success Stories:

  • Print technology company – Uncertain of what direction to pursue with the 3D holographic print technology it had developed at MIT Media Labs, the Client contracted Altus to conduct a detailed market research study to determine the correct market to pursue. A final selection was made only after 80 markets were evaluated and extensive interviews and analysis completed.
  • Major WW Media company – Helped Client analyze its true market and brand value enabling the creation of a new division and acquisition that continues to be the fastest growing revenue group in the firm.