The demand and usage of CRM tools continues to increase and is projected to double in market by 2030.  CEOs and sales leaders want to create systems that help their teams drive more predictable processes and sales management. However, with the plethora of tools and services in the market, it is often difficult to figure out what they need and how to implement. So, what does sales CRM solutions look like for growth stage companies?

In this content series called Altus Conversations, we interviewed Kevin Ascher, Managing Director at Acoustic Selling.  Acoustic Selling is a Sales CRM and Strategy Consultancy.  Kevin shares his insights on what his customers are looking for and need as well as his thoughts on best practices.  His focus is on helping growth stage companies ($1M-$50M ARR) become more efficient through data-centric and effective process driven approach.  Key focus of tools like Salesforce and Hubspot is to help sales and marketing teams align and scale faster.   Altus Alliance often engages with customers on recommending sales tools and systems, so we appreciate Kevin “text chatting” with us.

Altus Conversation – Acoustic Selling

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