Altus High Performance Revenue Self Assessment

What defines a High-Performance Revenue (HPR) organization?

Through 15 years of experience working with some of the top sales organizations in the world and a collaborative effort with Stanford’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, 21 key Sales and Marketing elements have been identified that define a HPR Organization. This scorecard provides a solid foundation and checklist for you to identify strengths and weaknesses, avoid blind spots, and to begin to maximize the effectiveness of your revenue engine.

    When you complete the Altus High Performance Revenue 21 Metrics Self Assessment, you’ll gain valuable insight into….

    • Key Elements in Sales/Marketing necessary for high performance.
    • Criteria of what it means to be a "5 out of 5" in each metric.
    • Your Organization's Strengths, Weaknesses, and overall Score
    Strategic Guidance. Tactical Execution. Get there faster!

    Accelerate Your Revenue Growth