Altus Talent

Finding you the right candidate with innovative support and proven strategies 

Altus Talent is available to assist you both finding the best candidate for your positions and can instantly fill the gap with an interim and proven sales leader.  We will help achieve the sales objectives, whether it is a big project that requires an extra hand, the need to replace an Executive Sales Leader, or assistance needed during a period of transition.  

We provide innovative support and guidance to build high-performance revenue teams:

•Develop a comprehensive requirements assessment for the company, the ideal candidate and the job description.
•Drive a full search for the opening and filter the best candidates
•Evaluate each final candidate with a complete skills valuation and proven personality assessment to assure a strong long-term fit
•Option to backfill the role with your lead recruiter or other Altus sales staff to fulfill the requirement on an interim basis until the FTE role is filled
•Review the clients overall strategy from an acute sales perspective and recommend improvements and services to optimize to help ensure success with the new hire
•Support transition and onboarding with training and coaching for revenue ramp assurance
•Guarantee our work with a performance-based compensation model

"The ability of Altus to drive the search for the ideal candidate but also fill the immediate needs of the role and revenue targets is what makes us unique.  Hiring the sales team is arguably leaderships’ biggest challenge and most critical to get right.  Altus has 100% sales exclusive for over 15 years, and we get you the RIGHT hire, not the easy one”

Doug Schulze – Managing Partner, Altus Alliance