Best Practices for Resilience

Best Practices for Resilience: A Survey of 100 Leading Revenue Responsible Executives—May 2020

A qualitative and quantitative study conducted by Altus between April 9 – May 11, 2020 to understand best practices in sales and marketing during the work-at-home period related to Covid-19.

Purpose: To share revenue related best practices from industry leaders in sales and marketing during Covid19 and the evolving recovery. To identify best practices for establishing resilience during the coming months.

Participants: 100 revenue responsible executives including: CEOs, CROs, COOs,
and VP Sales.

Industries: Technology, manufacturing, healthcare, financial, business services.

Quantitative E
survey on operational impact, productivity, and
valuable lessons learned during this time.

Qualitative 1:1, hour long interviews
covering sales and marketing
business practices, insights on the impact of the current climate on

operations, and what the road forward will look like.

This is not offered as a scientific exercise, but rather important perspectives and insights from your revenue responsible peers that can contribute to a more informed position to make your plans for the inevitable recovery – however fast or slow that might occur. We owe it to each other and to our respective companies to do all we can to assure as quick a recovery as possible. We hope this will be of value in plotting your path forward.

As always, Altus is here to support your revenue growth initiatives. Let us know how we can be of assistance.


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