To boost your business, whether you are a young professional or a seasoned executive, there are several books that the partners here at Altus have found themselves recommending time and time again.

In a world of rapidly changing business practices and strategies, some advice is evergreen. That is why we compiled this list of our holy grails for sales, business operations, and marketing insights, according to our Partners.

1. Tech-Powered Sales (2021) by Justin Michael & Tony Hughes

Recommended by: Doug Schulze, Managing Partner

Tech-powered Sales book cover
Why Doug Recommends It:
As a sales consultant, I feel like it’s my job to have a clear vision as to what the future of B2B sales teams look like. Tech-Powered Sales really helped me to shape that vision. So much great data, and successful experiences, and techniques shared in this resource.

2. Narrative Economics (2019) by Robert J. Shiller

Recommended by: Matt Stroh, Partner

Narrative Economics Book Cover
Why Matt Recommends It: Narrative Economics looks at the power of stories that go “viral” and spread like a contagion. In doing so, these stories drive economic results both for the better and for the worse. It is critical that businesses factor in the contagion effects of narratives into their economic forecasting as part of their broader strategic planning in order to drive the results they want.

3. The Sales Acceleration Formula (2015) by Mark Roberge

Recommended by: Dave C Jones, Managing Partner

Sales Acceleration Formula book cover

Why Dave Recommends It: Sales Acceleration is good because it reflects the changes that have taken place in Sales/Marketing over the past years. Most significantly, it dissects how sales and marketing have become more and more data driven. The author is an MIT engineer, a unique thing for a CMO, but something that further emphasizes the importance of data and analytics in today’s world. Roberge breaks various elements of sales down into bite size pieces, such as lead generation, compensation, the efficacy of using bonuses, and speaks to the most successful approaches in the real world in quantitative terms that can really help a sales professional up their game.

4. Danger in the Comfort Zone (1991) by Judith Bardwick

Recommended by: Darrin Fagan, Partner

Danger in the Comfort Zone book cover

Why Darrin Recommends It: Danger in the Comfort Zone speaks to three main states of mind: Earning, Fear, and Entitlement. Bardwick explains how each state of mind drives individual behavior and business relationships. It’s been impactful throughout my career guiding me to be positive, deliberate, and thoughtful in my actions and words. Don’t expect anything from anybody, work hard, and earn the outcome you desire.

5. Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business (2007) by Gino Wickman

Recommended by: Al Purdy, Partner

Like Doug, Al gives a nod to Tech-Powered Sales by Justin Michael & Tony Hughes but also gives recognition to Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business (2007) by Gino Wickman.

Traction book cover

Why Al Recommends It: Traction addresses aspects of the business, including identifying your company’s vision, a guide on how to use data, improving sales and marketing processes. One thing that makes this book unique and memorable is what Wickman identifies as “rocks” – key traction elements that you will remember and utilize to boost your business long after closing the back cover.

6. Inspired INC. (2019) by Lisa MacCollum & Emily Brew with Nicole Hanson

Recommended by: Marti Pozzi, Senior Partner

inspired inc book cover

Why Marti Recommends It: Inspired INC. is perfect for business executives and aspiring business executives who want a sustainable, strategic approach to navigating both public perception and corporate constraints. Trust is a critical aspect of both the public and private sectors of any strong business. Using real-life case studies, this book provides a comprehensive look at how to navigate new corporate terrain, develop trust, and become one of the most admired businesses in today’s market.

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