Target market identification, validation and alignment. 

Results & Accomplishments

  • Evaluated > 20 market opportunities. #1 ad targeting for mobile and the remaining top 5 targets stack ranked
  • Data from over 40 market interviews
  • Recommendations
  • Hiring new GM and spinout co. created
  • Related company found and acquired to accelerate GTM
  • Developed branding around Buyer State to help differentiate and describe the new offering


  • Define the best application for raw cell sensor platform
  • Research from wide (20+) vertical options and target best
  • Drive MDB process over 4 months to select best application
  • Develop initial GTM tools and strategy

“The Altus team, within a few months, drove an entire product and go-to-market strategy from our core technology into a new market and huge revenue potential. The market validation and process was creative and persuasive. The result was a new commercial initiative within 2 months of the project. We plan to use Altus for similar projects going forward.”

James Nolan, EVP Solutions, InterDigital