Market Leader

Build and hire inside sales organization. Accelerate revenues.


Inside Sales organization and operations required redesign to unlock growth.

Results & Accomplishments

  • Built MDR and AE sales model, team and infrastructure
  • Hired and trained sales team
  • Successfully established clients in new target vertical
  • 15.8X ROI on fees paid
  • Traction and success lead to acquisition by Trulia
Market Leader


  • Define Go-to-Market strategy
  • Engage with new clients/close accounts
  • Improve sales team performance in the broker industry
  • Development of metrics to train and manage new salesmen

“It is great as a CEO to check the box on the sales team side. With so many unknowns in a new venture, I wanted to be confident that sales leadership was strong and familiar with our stage of development. Altus delivered on all fronts and took us to a scalable revenue path”

Ian Morris, Founder & CEO, Market Leader