One of the fastest growing and evolving industry sectors is the digital media space especially in advertising and marketing technology software and services.  Altus Alliance has deep experience and expertise in working with clients in the media industry and we continue to see monumental shifts and changes happening rapidly in the space.  Doug Schulze, Co-founder and Managing Partner, explores some of the key trends and insights into Adtech Industry in this episode of the Altus Conversation interview series with Ben Engber, CEO of Lineate, a leading software development firm.

One of the most effective strategies to accelerate revenue growth and scale for our clients is to concentrate all proactive Sales & Marketing resources into a single vertical. For Lineate, the choice was clear: their remarkable success in AdTech, combined with the ongoing innovation, change, and growth in this market, positioned them perfectly. In today’s digital age, the demand for effective advertising and promotion, coupled with heightened public privacy concerns, government regulations, and AI advancements, has created a dynamic landscape in Adtech. 

Ben and his team have seen rise in demand for data solutions especially as advertisers and publishers want to collect and leverage more first party data in a compliant way to optimize their marketing and customer relations efforts.  With the opportunities to utilize AI/ML, that demand for data and associated solutions will only increase.  Ben shares his thoughts on what he sees as the key trends and insights into Adtech Industry and what is working and what the challenges.

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Altus Conversation - Adtech insights with Lineate

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