Frances Evensen

Frances Evensen

Frances Evensen began her career at Oracle in the early 90s and advanced to become the Vice President of Sales at Marketo and a number of other start-ups.  At Seibel, SAP -- and a second stint at Oracle, she helped launch the first SaaS sales efforts. In addition to providing strategic insight, Frances is comfortable on the ground hiring, training and assembling the tools and processes needed to quickly ramp a team.

Over the years Frances has become an expert in building repeatable sales processes from lead generation through to closed business. In addition to leading quota carrying teams, she has owned both the outbound marketing and lead generation functions; thus she understands the importance of coordinating all revenue focused efforts.

Frances graduated Cum Laude from UC Berkeley with a degree in Psychology.  She has had professional training in Executive Decision making, Effective Leadership, Communications, Sales and Negotiation. Frances is also Media Trained and certified in Managing Within the Law. In her free time she lectures at Boost@Haas Business School and acts as a mentor for BuiltbyGirls.

Frances Evensen
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My favorite quote is from Margaret Mead:

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.” 

My heart, outside of my family goes to all things equestrian.  I started riding hunters and jumpers at age 7 and competed in the Northwest and California until I left for college. My first job out of college was teaching novice riders.  Then, I got my first job in sales when one of my clients hired me at her recruiting company.  I literally walked around the financial district in San Francisco all day dropping in on hiring managers. That really made me appreciate a modern, efficient sales process!