Revenue Consulting Assessment

Our revenue consulting assessment focuses on your goals. Using our 21 High Performance Revenue elements as the lens, Altus revenue consultants efficiently evaluate your current revenue operations against the key metrics that define a high performance, fully functional sales and marketing operation.

21 High Performance Revenue Elements to identify areas for optimization.

Create and implement new sales/marketing strategy and organization.

Build and hire inside sales organization. Accelerate revenues.


Our revenue consultants identify strengths and weaknesses as well as points of leverage where improvements will yield the greatest returns. This 30-day exercise pinpoints areas and methods that enable you to quickly step up your game.

The assessment is comprehensive covering marketing, products, services, operations, and sales. At the completion of this process significant actionable recommendations and follow up activities are reported.


An Assessment is an abbreviated version of a Market Driven Baseline study that delivers the following:

  • Self-survey that delivers a weighted High Performance
  • Revenue (HPR) Scorecard against the 21 HPR Elements
  • Interviews with employees, clients and subject matter experts
  • Altus-survey post interviews, providing an HPR Scorecardto rate relative strengths and weaknesses and reconcile with client-generated scorecard(s)
  • Out brief that presents diagnostic findings



“All Star’s revenue grew to $37 million while working with Altus Alliance to help improve our sales process. We improved sales by over 35% in a complex and rapidly growing environment…”


Douglas Brown, President and CEO, All Star Directories

Market-Driven Baseline

A systematic approach to building a truly market-driven business by leveraging the VOC, employees, and SMEs to identify and quantify optimal markets and position/message effectively.