As part of our continuing series of conversations with industry leaders and partners, we had a chat with Heather Inocencio, CEO and Co-founder of The Product Consult, a leading firm that provides product strategy and management services.  The conversation was focused on the continued rise of product led growth (PLG) strategy that many SaaS based companies are utilizing to drive market share and customer growth.  One of the keys of a successful PLG implementation is to ensure that sales and product are aligned and collaborating well to be in alignment as the company goes to market.  Thanks also to Jessica Nelson Kohel and Lisa Riemondy for their contributions as well.

Altus Alliance has a unique framework called 21 High Performance Revenue (HPR) Elements that is used when working to assess and optimize an organization’s ability to grow and scale sales and marketing.  One of the HPR element category is Product, Service & Operations which is critical to sales and marketing success.   Altus is pleased to be partnering with The Product Consult to better understand and offer guidance and insights to how to improve the product strategy and development.  Learn more about 21 HPR Elements.

Altus Conversation on PLG & Sales