Leading Sales Optimization Consulting Firm Altus Alliance Teams Up with Global Pricing Research Specialist to Help Clients Better Assess Brand Pricing Power

“Customers’ Willingness to Pay” Price Point Is Critical Metric in Perfect Storm Economy of High Inflation, Constrained Supply, and Wage Growth

Seattle, WA – For almost twenty years Altus Alliance has been helping its list of marquee clients to increase sales via a set platform consisting of time-tested proven processes. The fast changing uncertain, economy however has motivated Altus to enhance its pricing analysis capabilities. The partnership between Altus Alliance and Stockholm-based Atenga Insights, provides companies, in both the U.S. and internationally, with predictive pricing research that can be completed within a matter of weeks and with a high degree of real world transferability.

Altus will seamlessly incorporate Atenga’s Predictive Pricing & Demand Platform, into its own proven revenue growth formula. The Atenga platform showcases which product attributes and messages drive the optimum price points, as well as identifying critical “price walls.” Price walls are price inflection points, where unit volume suffers a significant drop if breached. For example, a price wall of $49 may exhibit the same approximate unit volume from $45 to $49 but drop by 10-15% at just over $50.

The ability to determine the optimal price point customers are willing to pay and ultimately the parameters of a brand’s pricing power is paramount for both topline revenue growth and bottom-line profitability. Indeed, a study by McKinsey Consulting showed that just a 3% increase in price, (i.e. the equivalent of increasing unit price from just $33 to $34) can increase the operating profit for the average company by almost 25%. This pricing dynamic only increases as a product or service price moves into the tens of thousands and higher.

Altus Alliance clients will also be able to deploy the Atenga pricing platform to better understand the relationship between NPS score (Net Promoter Score) and price. Intuitively a given brand should have more pricing power if it has a high NPS score but that depends on several researchable variables including channel, season, and market segment.

According to Altus Alliance Co-Founder and Managing Partner David C. Jones,

“We plan to offer our clients a test run of the Atenga platform as part of our Market Driven Baseline practice so they can see for themselves the level of insight it can provide. We’re confident that over time most will adopt pricing research as a critically important planning tool that will be deployed on a regular basis.”

For more information on Altus Alliance and the Predictive Pricing & Demand Platform, powered by Atenga Insights, contact info@altusalliance.com.

About Altus Alliance

Altus Alliance was formed in 2003 to help businesses accelerate top-line revenue growth. During that time, our Seattle and San Francisco sales optimization consultants have developed a reputation for client service, excellence and integrity. We have a proven track record of crafting highly successful go-to-market strategies and plans, but our core value-add lies in our commitment to rolling up our sleeves with management to define and execute against strategy. We are full-time dedicated partners, employees and associates with a robust network of subject matter experts we engage as needed.

About Atenga Insights

Atenga Insights is a data driven, AI-powered, predictive pricing platform that is quickly disrupting the staid billion dollar pricing consulting industry. By coupling its own proprietary approach with newly available real time research tools, that enable highly relevant and precise panels, Atenga Insights is able to deliver accurate pricing guidance in five weeks or less. The approach has already been proven in some one thousand different client situations resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental profit.