With a pandemic, a historical reckoning of racial equality, and a divisive presidential election, there is no doubt you will recall how you responded and what you did in a memorable 2020.Or how you didn’t respond and what you didn’t do.Transformative times define organizations and shape careers. And competing to shape your decisions, are likely two ideological factions:

  1. Be cautious, save resources, see what comes. Defense wins the day.
  2. Lean in, innovate, regardless of what happens. Offense wins the day.

Which one means your business will outlive these times?

Today, anything can be piloted as simply as possible to assess and evaluate. Just as buyers have thrived in a freemium business model, sales orgs can pilot and experiment similarly. Strategic initiatives can’t wait because of perceived distraction or risk.

As evidenced by recent Altus Alliance research, revenue leaders are replying to tumultuous times by prioritizing and updating initiatives of:

  • Customer relationships; maintaining and growing where possible.
  • Sales & Marketing tech stack for optimal remote management, collaboration and digital selling efforts
  • Creatively solving for greater collaboration inter- and intra-sales.

You have really one option: Go forward. And go well.

Going well includes soliciting and incorporating feedback in the same way you expect anyone in your organization to receive feedback —credibly, authentically, and with an aim only on adapting for growth and success. Regardless of what comes.

In fact, your willingness to smartly pilot initiatives and change, during a time of fear and uncertainty sends a message of confidence in your organization’s capabilities.

Successful outcomes of initiatives become more likely with a deliberate execution of a few operating procedures:

  • The plan. Most simply measurable outcomes, with milestones driven by a compelling why.
  • Communication. Including people most involved early and often helps emphasize the importance
  • Involvement. Soliciting and implementing diverse feedback strengthens the likelihood of success. Inclusion will increase belonging during remote working and potential uncertainty.
  • Consistency. Your unwavering attention to the initiative(s) sends a strong signal that the endeavor is important.

Certainly a pandemic has unknown consequences unlike anything in our lifetimes. Change is the only constant. As The Clash themselves said: “If I go, there will be trouble and if I stay it will be double.”

What did you do in 2020? Did you stay or did you go?

If you’re interested in talking through any of the challenges that arise in an extraordinary 2020, we at Altus would be happy to lend an ear and perspective.