Hiring an executive—a daunting task for SME companies.
Hiring a sales executive—even harder.

In fact, the odds of getting it right are less than 50% and most don't last past 2 years. If you're in tech and early stage it's likely worse, where 70% of first sales leaders don't make it 12 months!

Why? Because most CEO’s and recruiters lack specific and current knowledge, thus:

  • Can't create an accurate and detailed requirements for the role
  • Miss developing an ideal candidate profile
  • Unable to effectively select and predict candidates performance
  • Don't support the hire with a high-odds go-to-market plan and modern tool stack

Missing the mark with a sales leader hire and onboarding is likely the most critical to a company's success. The loss of time, cost, revenue, momentum, and morale can kill or stall a company quickly. So Altus created SmartStart as a pseudo insurance policy to protect companies.

Altus partners have been focused exclusively on sales and sales leadership for 18 years and over 200 engagements. With a success rate over 90%, we created SmartStart to align with the company executives and recruiting team to fill these shortcomings to secure the ideal candidate and success onboarding and launch.

A classic SmartStart engagement includes:

SmartStart Hiring Timeline
  • Requirements assessment based on our 21 High-Performance Revenue elements
  • Detailed job description and ideal candidate profile based on the assessment
  • Inclusion in the interview process and sales-specific interview training/outlines
  • Final candidates analysis with skills and propriety personality assessment
  • Augmented network of candidates
  • Onboarding and launch support with a Market-Driven Baseline sprint co-developed with the new hire for a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy and plan, and
  • Interim coverage of the sales leadership function and key roles during the process

Contact Altus to see how we can help boost your sales leadership and revenue growth needs, at or 206-438-1891.