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Bettina is an accomplished executive leader whose long career has made her a specialist in adding zeros. Bettina has been on both sides of the CRO desk in Fortune 500 FinTech, led C-Suite change management, directed a company turnaround, founded a management development company, and raised a family. She has a history of success in sales management and operations, turnarounds, people management, strategic enterprise sales, team coaching/leadership, performance improvement, problem identification/resolution and revenue growth.

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When not absorbed in all things sales, Bettina tends to spend time doing all things outdoors, whether skiing, skinning, paddling, surfing, swimming, hiking, cycling, or hanging out at the beach during the golden hour. She is a community organizer, volunteer, ski instructor, chorale singer, voracious reader, and eager traveler. In the “things most people don’t know about me” category, Bettina includes being a former dancer and baking an amazing cherry pie. Bettina lives with her husband, 2 teenagers, three dogs and two bunnies in Aspen, Colorado.

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