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Craig Stevens

Craig Stevens is a highly analytical and performance-driven Sales and Business Development executive with 30+ years of progressive leadership experience within startups, medium-sized, and large-scale industry leading organizations driving sales in the US, Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific. As a strategic thinker and talented motivator, Craig possesses an innate ability to champion successful IPO’s, acquisitions, fundraising, startup advisory / growth, and market penetration. He is also a strong sales leader and articulate communicator with success motivating and driving Sales teams to achieve maximum levels of performance in diverse fast-paced environments.

Craig has deep experience with the full range of enterprise hardware and software solutions, including solutions and services for SaaS and cloud computing models. He has developed and aggressively grown both direct and indirect sales, as well as strategic business development organizations and domestic/ international partnership and channel organizations, and has significant experience interfacing with C-level Executives in the negotiation of multi-million dollar contracts and managing important customer relationships at the highest levels. Craig has held a number of senior Executive positions including Founder (RCS Capital Ventures), Board Member (Xmatters), Advisory Board Member (Premier Enterprise Media Services, RipeMetrics, and Funders USA Advisory Cloud), Sr. Vice President of Worldwide Sales (Kofax), Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Business Development (Amplidata and Agami Systems), Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing (Continuent), Vice President of Asia Pacific & Senior Director of Intercontinental Sales (Veritas Software and OpenVison), and Director, Senior Director and Large Account Sales Manager at Ingres and IBM. Notable accomplishments include tripling the size of a high-performance sales team in two years and accelerating revenue growth from $6M/year to $50M/year including $30M in ARR (Subscription SaaS), the repositioning of technology (Kofax) to the new, high-growth Robotics Process Automation (RPA) market making them a global contender, growing Veritas Asia Pacific revenues from $0 to $100M in 60 months, with a 65%+ CAGR and employee growth from 0 to 250. While at Veritas, Craig’s Asia Pacific Area achieved #1 market share in 7 countries and helped drive Veritas to record growth from $0M/year to $1.5B/year, becoming the #1 market share leader worldwide in Storage Software.

Craig was educated at Brigham Young University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages, with minors in Accounting, Business, Economics, and International Relations. In 2020, Craig joined The Blockchain Council and is a Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE). His personal interests include skiing, outdoor adventure travel, golf, sports, fitness, and at the age of 16, rode his10-speed Tour de France Astra bike (which he bought for $99) 2500 miles throughout the Western United States.