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Shane’s diverse journey in business and life created a distinct story of accomplishment as a Builder, Revenue Leader, Strategist, and Board Member. As a full time or embedded leader Shane has held C-Suite positions in Healthcare, Technology, Sports/Outdoor, Executive Search, Energy, and Creative/Marketing Agencies. His areas of expertise are in B2B and B2C Business Development, Sales, All Things Marketing, Ecommerce, Omin-Channel, and Brand Strategy. Some existing and recent experiences include; Boston Consulting Group – Digital Ventures, Jackson Healthcare, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), Blink, Johnson & Johnson, Vistra Energy/EnergyBot, to early stage endeavors with Y-Combinator, Kaybus, and Notre Dame Incubator/ to name a few. Shane also co-founded Horizon Healthcare, dannyshane, and Golf Etc. of America. Throughout these endeavors Shane transported and perfected his talent of driving revenue across diverse vertical and geographies.

Shane holds a BBA in Marketing from Tarleton University and OPM of distinction from the Harvard Business School. Shane highly values family and adventure. Raised on a working ranch in Texas with all the color and life lessons that brings, Shane believes that his skills in creativity, strategy, and execution are based on the laws of the ranch and farm. There’s no short-cut to success.

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Growing up on a working ranch in Texas I learned the value of hard work and no short-cuts, but also the love of the outdoors.

My brother and I were avid bird hunters, fisherman, and motorcyclists. We later got into golf and created our own 9-hole golf course on the far end of our property. We preferred to be outside rather than indoors. After college I found my real passion and respite in road cycling when a close friend encouraged me to enter the world of triathlons which later led to my focus on road. The world is seen from an interesting point of view on a road bike. Long distances with speed, spiritual freedom, the climb, the payback back on the other side, unexpected surprises, and just the right amount of danger!

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