Doug Schulze

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Doug Schulze

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Throughout his career, Doug Schulze has led the sales and marketing efforts of new products into new and emerging markets through direct sales, channels and digital campaigns. He was a GM at Intel running the new ecommerce division, SVP at Loudeye driving digital media platforms from Sales, Marketing and Corp Dev before and after the IPO, as well as several leadership roles in marketing and sales in mid-size companies, all driving innovative products into new markets. Since co-founding Altus in 2003, Doug co-leads the firm’s business development, strategy, staff recruiting & mentoring, and practice development. He has led over 40 client engagements driving new product introduction, early stage revenue generation, strategic planning and execution, sales team leadership, targeting strategies, analytics, win-loss and gap analysis, customer segmentation, channel development, and corporate development.

Doug holds degrees in business and marketing management from Cal Poly Pomona and Claremont Colleges where he studied under Peter Drucker and Reed Powell in the campaign to train America’s leading executives on the effectiveness of Japanese management techniques in the mid-eighties. He is also a graduate of Harvard’s Business executive and continuation programs.

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Doug loves the outdoors and maintains his youthful spirit and lifestyle through active sports. Top of the list is surfing but with a close tie for second with mountain biking, dirt bikes, snow-boarding and skiing, wake-boarding and water-skiing, and the latest addition, kite-boarding.

The key to enjoying the northwest is loving a weekend of camping or cabins during all four seasons and combining these sports. International travel takes it all to the next level. For example, in the summer of 2018 Doug enjoyed a mountain bike trip riding the best trails in 6 different countries. The roots of a sustained adrenaline craving all started with racing at an early age with snow skiing, water skiing and dirt bike enduro’s.

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