Tony Lanham

Tony Lanham

Tony is a highly experienced sales executive with a diverse background in building and leading revenue generating engines for large enterprise and small venture backed organizations alike.

Tonys career spans 27 years as a sales professional and leader. He has established a strong track record of developing full scope GTM strategies and teams to include sales ops, insides sales, direct sales, enterprise, business development and customer success organizations. In 2017 he founded The Revenue Group, a boutique consultancy firm focused on providing fractional CRO services to Seed to B round venture backed start-ups.

“I enjoy helping founders understand the difference between being a good “Seller” and being good at “Sales,” Tony says. “Once they grasp that concept, the road is clear to build the foundation for a world class sales org!”

His expertise as a leader in high tech B2B SaaS sales has special emphasis on the following: Machine learning, Fraud, Risk, Trust and Safety, Payments, and Digital Identity Verification. Most of those specialties have been applied to the e-commerce, gig economy and financial services markets.

Tony has a Bachelor of Arts, Speech Communication from California State University, Northridge. He resides in Seattle with his wife and two children.

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I love to ski and I love to play soccer. I have done both most of my life. Any given evening you can normally find my family and I on a slope or a field. I enjoy resort skiing but prefer to find other ways up the hill (touring, cat, heli). It always gives me a fresh perspective. A little like sales consulting! As for soccer, life makes sense to me on a soccer field. It’s a right brained game, very artistic, like sales. However, much like sales, the modern game is dominated by science making the art that much better!

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