Altus Alliance has worked across many industries and verticals but one of the most frequently engaged sectors is Adtech and Mediatech.  The media and advertising industry has changed dramatically over the years due to the confluence of digital technology, consumer behavior, and regulations.  Innovations such as AI and real-time data is driving new business models and products.  In addition, focus on privacy regulations and the pending cookie deprecation is forcing both publishers, marketers, and service providers to rethink how to best identify addressable audiences and market effectively as well as responsibly.  These trends all lead to new challenges and opportunities especially for how to grow revenue.

One of our Managing Partners, Doug Schulze, spent time researching and listening to which podcasts would be helpful in staying on top of this constantly evolving space in Adtech.  Here are his top recommendations (podcast info courtesy of Apple Podcast):

The Programmatic Digest (5 Stars) 30+ reviews & 165+ episodes
The Programmatic Digest, hosted by Helene Parker, offers a weekly roundup of the latest developments in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. Spanning 25-45 minutes per episode, it features expert interviews and educational segments that simplify complex adtech topics into digestible insights. Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned expert, this podcast keeps you updated on top programmatic and digital headlines from leading media sources.

Behind the Numbers: eMarketer Podcast (4.7 Stars) 1325+ reviews & 628+ episodes
Behind the Numbers: eMarketer’s Podcast is a daily exploration into the vast world of digital marketing, media, and technology. This podcast provides data-backed insights that help marketers, retailers, and advertisers navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. From AI’s impact, to shifts in social media, to dynamics and consumer shopping habits, the show covers a wide range of thought-provoking topics relevant to adtech and beyond.

Digital Marketing Podcast (4.7 Stars) 185+ reviews & 100+ episodes
The Digital Marketing Podcast, hosted by Ciaran Rogers and Daniel Rowles, is a weekly, advert-free podcast that reaches listeners in over 180 countries. Combining expert interviews with the latest news, tools, strategies, and techniques, it offers in-depth coverage of the digital marketing landscape, including specific adtech strategies. From SEO to social media marketing, the podcast is perfect for enhancing your digital marketing edge during your daily commute. Engaging and informative, it aims to deliver practical advice and insights on a broad array of topics relevant to digital marketers and advertisers.

Marketing Over Coffee (4.5 Stars) 253+ reviews & 100+ episodes
Marketing Over Coffee is a weekly podcast hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn that delves into modern marketing techniques across various digital platforms. With a casual, coffee chat-style format, this show covers a broad spectrum of topics including insights on programmatic advertising and the strategic use of big data. Whether you’re tuning in for the latest trends or the newest marketing tools, complex topics are deconstructed for marketers at all levels

AdExchanger Talks (4.5 Stars) 1247+ reviews & 100+ episodes
AdExchanger Talks provides a leading voice in ad tech, featuring in-depth interviews with digital and data-driven advertising leaders. Hosted by Managing Editor Allison Schiff and the editorial team, this podcast explores topics from programmatic advertising to the impact of technology on agencies and marketers. Tune in for strategic insights and discussions on the operational challenges and trends that influence brand marketers, ad agencies, publishers, media companies, and technology providers in the adtech world.

Happy listening and learning!

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