Interim Services

Altus is different than other strategic consulting firms because we also roll up our sleeves and engage in actually creating results. 

Interim Services:

Whether through Interim Executive Leadership Services (CEO, VP Sales, VP Marketing, VP Business Development), or Managed Services (ex. fully integrated lead generation services). Altus often provides embedded interim leadership. We know how to take responsibility for the results and deliver. Think of it as bringing in a designated hitter with a .600 batting average. Our partners have deep experience and we have over 15 years of successful delivery.


  • Embedded Leadership
  • Funnelator lead generation services that roll-up: lead sourcing, content development, marketing automation campaign delivery system, integration with, SDR telephone follow up, and email campaign flight management
  • optimization services
  • eList Services
  • Metrics, Reporting and Dashboard Services

"Altus was a smart move for us.. 

...They had the experience and process to be able to quickly assess the available market for our offering and validate our strategy with real customer traction and feedback.”

Matt Carpenter, Director, New Products, Sony Entertainment