your sales leader hire insurance policy

Altus is different from other strategic sales consulting services because we also roll up our sleeves and engage in actually creating results, alongside your new executive.


Whether you are hiring a VP of Sales or Chief Revenue Officer, Altus often provides embedded support to new sales leadership. Missing the mark with a sales leader hire and onboarding is likely the most critical to a company's success. We know how to take responsibility for the results and deliver, and have spent many years training and guiding sales leaders in a new environment.


  • Inclusion in the interview process and sales-specific interview training/outlines
  • Final candidates analysis with skills and propriety personality assessment
  • Augmented network of candidates
  • Onboarding and launch support with a Market-Driven Baseline sprint co-developed with the new hire for a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy and plan
  • Interim coverage of the sales leadership function and key roles during the process
  • Sales team hiring assistance

35% Sales Revenue Increase

“All Star’s revenue grew to $37 million while working with Altus Alliance to help improve our sales process. We improved sales by over 35% in a complex and rapidly growing environment...” 

Douglas Brown, President and CEO, All Star Directories