Client Testimonials

Docusign “Altus Alliance was core to our initial sales strategy and go to market success. They designed the inside sales process, content and team that drove our first wave of customer acquisition and set the culture for all future growth. I continue to use their team for other projects and investments and they consistently deliver revenue traction and results.”

Court Lorenzini
Founder & CEO, DocuSign


“When we kicked off our partnership with Altus Alliance, we already had some major challenges in filling our sales pipeline. They began their work with a deep dive into research- both of our target clients and of the state of the industry. This Market Driven Baseline (MDB) research and interview process provided key insights, both to our Altus team, as well as our own. The MDB was then used to rework our value proposition and messaging tactics to best appeal to our selected vertical markets. From there, Altus worked diligently to build up a sales pipeline via email marketing, social media outreach, face-to-face interactions at industry trade shows and precisely focused sales and account management. What resulted was a healthy growth in sales and a better understanding of our core offerings and audiences. I highly recommend Altus Alliance as a revenue traction and growth accelerator for any early-stage business.“

James Innes
CEO, ConnecTable

datstat 200“Altus challenged us to think out of the box and focus. They were a true partner with a passion to learn our space as both a leader and team member throughout the engagement. Not at all common in a contractor model. It was a pleasure working with their team.”

Lizza Miller
CEO & Co-Founder, DatStat, Inc.

Teplis Travel

“Altus Alliance helped us successfully refine all areas of business development as well as some operations, including; creation of a new pitch deck, a new pipeline management process, a weekly and monthly reporting and forecasting process, best in class reporting and metrics, compensation plan design and management, proposal and presentation construction, pricing and contracting, and more. Altus redeveloped our entire Value Prop, which also included rebuilding our technology stack and redesigning the new marketing plan around it. The Talent branch of Altus recruited our new VP of Marketing, who has
turned out to be a star. Overall, Altus Alliance was a very successful investment for Teplis Travel.”

Gary Teplis
CEO, Teplis Travel

Others Online“Altus was instrumental in helping Others Online refocus our go-to-market strategy. The ultimate validation of the plan was then sourcing and closing new partners and customers where one of those partners ultimately acquired the company.”

Jordan Mitchell
Founder & CEO, Others Online (acquired by Rubicon Project)

marketleader“It is great as a CEO to check the box on the sales team side. With so many unknowns in a new venture, I wanted to be confident that sales leadership was strong and familiar with our stage of development. Altus delivered on all fronts and took us to a scalable revenue path”

Ian Morris
Founder & CEO, MarketLeader

InterDigital“The Altus team, within a few months, drove an entire product and go-to-market strategy from our core technology into a new market and huge revenue potential. The market validation and process was creative and persuasive. The result was a new commercial initiative within 2 months of the project. We plan to use Altus for similar projects going forward.” 

 James Nolan
EVP Solutions, InterDigital

Zealyst“Steve was the perfect person to help Zealyst move into growth phase and set the foundation for a sustainable, scalable sales strategy. We’d reached an exciting point in our company’s maturity: we had a great product and our first few customers, but our team lacked experience in enterprise sales. Steve’s expertise filled that knowledge gap, and he implemented systems and trained our team thoroughly so that the benefit of his knowledge extended long beyond our engagement with Altus. Steve set us up for success and helped break down a lot of the barriers we were facing as a young company. In addition to all the value he offered to our business, we also had a blast working with him!”

Martina Welke
CEO, Zealyst

RDI Labs“As a small company looking to commercialize new search technology, we struggled to gain traction. Altus Alliance supported our efforts with relationships along with an organized and focused approach to exposing our technology to a much broader audience. The Altus team helped with strategy and developed and executed a sales campaign across multiple vertical markets and hundreds of companies. Altus’s work resulted in the successful sale of our technology portfolio. I found Altus Alliance to be flexible and a pleasure to work while delivering results we would have been challenged to achieve on our own.

Richard A. Lazar

“When we elected to validate and expand our North American sales coverage into a new retail business vertical market, Altus Alliance was outstanding in helping us achieve the required sales traction with critical business partners. Their professional sales expertise, sales results, and team player attitude made the engagement a huge success.”

Mark Irvine
SVP Global Sales, Mojix Inc.

Voyager Capital logo

“Altus Alliance has been a great partner to a number of our portfolio companies, especially in the areas of market analysis, identifying key revenue opportunities, and closing those initial transactions. The team’s broad and deep operational experience uniquely positions them to provide valuable strategic guidance, all with a hands-on approach that is highly supportive of the needs of early stage companies. Altus Alliance is the kind of experienced and committed team any emerging business should want on their side.”

Enrique Godreau
Managing Director, Voyager Capital

“Altus played a key role in the identification of sales channel strategy along with the management of domain expertise to aid in the development of products and partners. The launch of a new key offering will play a significant role in the future of the company.”

Russ Aldrich
CEO, Blood Cell Storage, Inc.

“Altus Alliance was instrumental in helping CallVision land key sales and strategic partnerships in the telecommunications industry at a critical time in the evolution of our company. Altus worked closely with our team and provided the necessary strategy, tactics and execution to make deals happen. We were glad to have them as a partner and team member.”

Derek Edwards
CEO, CallVision (now Globys)

Variety“Altus is to startups as Obi Wan is to Luke Skywalker. Their model and services provided the exact guidance we needed to exceed our revenue projections. We would highly recommend Altus to large and small firms alike as their knowledge, based around developing and executing sales strategy, is unsurpassed.”

Mark Hoebich
GM, Variety Data Products (acquired by Penske Media)

allstar“All Star’s revenue grew to $37 million while working with Altus Alliance to help improve our sales process. We improved sales by over 35% in a complex and rapidly growing environment by implementing scalable sales management practices and methodologies focused on tracking, accountability and compensation.”

Douglas Brown
President & CEO, All Star Directories

screenplay1“We asked Altus to explore the potential of a new product leveraging our current platform. Within 9 months we had a product line defined ,built and delivered to target customers. The product line is now profitable with strong traction which has expanded the potential and increased our strategic alliances within our industry.”

Mark Vreiling
CEO, Screenplay Inc.

Onvia“Altus played a critical role in the creation of the original business plan, development of our marketing strategy, solicitation of initial venture funds, as well as providing necessary strategic business counsel that played a critical role in getting us where we are today. Onvia has grown quarterly revenues to over $29M (2Q00), built the company to over 400 employees, taken the company public raising over $300M, and in the process created a market leader…all in less than 3 years.”

Glenn S. Ballman
Former CEO & Founder,


“Our project with Altus exceeded our expectations. We received a great amount of insight, industry data and strategic direction that was critical in the success of Virage entering a new market for our products.”

Paul Lego
CEO, Virage (acquired by Autonomy Corp.)

Pathable“Altus Alliance has been instrumental in our sales strategy and execution. Their leveraged business model allowed me to bootstrap into a senior sales and business development structure and personnel that has taken Pathable from a proof of concept to the market leading solution with world class channel partners and a highly efficient and cost effective direct sales infrastructure.”

Jordan Schwartz
CEO, Pathable


“Altus was a smart move for us. They had the experience and process to be able to quickly assess the available market for our offering and validate our strategy with real customer traction and feedback.”

Matt Carpenter
Director, New Products, Sony Entertainment


“Altus Alliance was asked to conduct an SLC engagement with us to support our efforts to identify and improve key points of revenue leverage within our marketing, product and sales organizations, and to help us determine the merits of new market entry versus other potential uses of funds. The process was thorough, non-disruptive and professional and the results were insightful and actionable. Altus hit it out of the park!”

Tim Bauman
EVP Sales & Marketing, SM&A (a $75 mm public firm)


“After a slow and frustrating start, I hired Altus to assess and revise MetaJure’s sales strategy. Within a few months their approach proved to be extremely effective at refining focus and securing our initial customers. They had the tools, techniques, contacts, and professionals to execute the strategy to meet our sales goals while building a replicable and efficient process. I would recommend Altus to any CEO building his initial sales strategy or trying to repair a broken one.”

Rich Corbet
CEO, MetaJure

gotime“Altus helped GoTime focus and execute on our business development efforts. Within a few months we constructed a targeted approach and contact list that ultimately helped us find and close new business with market leaders across various verticals.”

Jeff Khadavi
CEO, GoTime (acquired by Infogroup)


“Altus helped us identify the key performance metrics we need to track in order to optimize our inside sales team’s day to day efforts. The analysis allowed us to understand our sales process at a much greater level, fit the process to our customer’s rhythm of business, and take control of our sales pipeline. Our rigorous application of data analysis to our daily sales process was an important selling point for the buyer who later acquired our company.”

Charles A Walsh
CEO, ISSI Data (acquired by DataSpan)


“Altus took on the unique requirements of the MSA (Microsoft Alumni Network) and through their incisive, entrepreneurial perspective provided the MSA board of directors and myself invaluable information that has helped us avoid hurdles even we hadn’t anticipated! We asked Altus to prepare a valuation analysis that assisted the board in making critical decisions around outsourcing the management of MSA’s membership to a new company, all within a very short timeframe.”

Kathi Jones
Executive Director, Microsoft Alumni Network (now Conenza)


“I engaged Altus to grow BigDoor revenues with a proactive outbound sales effort. In just over 6 months, the firm was able to more than double our sales pipeline, opportunity forecast, and close marque customers yielding revenues well above their service charges. Throughout the engagement, Altus was able to mature our sales process, reporting, and infrastructure such that ongoing sales is more efficient and predictable with our internal team. Altus has a proven process and expertise that would benefit any new venture looking to accelerate revenues into new markets.”

Keith Smith
CEO, BigDoor


“Thorough and extremely diligent in representing a number of early stage companies to AFLAC.”

Chris Clonninger
President, AFLAC


“Through all my business experience with (Altus), they have been extremely resourceful, worked with lots of energy and valued high integrity as the core for all their dealings.”

Patricia Fancy
Treasurer, Columbia University


“Altus has been exactly the trusted advisor that we have needed during the formation of this company. [Their] insight and experience have saved us countless missteps and resulted in some strategic decisions that have kept us on a course that indeed seems destined to succeed. Thank you for playing such an integral role in our story and for being a critical member of our team when we’ve needed it the most.”

Carter Crockett
Co-Founder & President, Dealer Trade Group


“It was through (their) tenacity and follow through that we finally came to terms with our Payroll/HR distribution strategy.”

Pamela Joseph
Sr. EVP, Business Development, Nova Information Systems A subsidiary of U.S. Bank


“Altus has been instrumental in driving Sampa’s initial sales and business development strategy and targets. Having experienced professionals that I trust, identify and manage the right opportunities at a stage when resources are limited and traction is critical allows us to focus on the other developing areas of the company.”

Paul Gross
CEO, Sampa


“We hired Altus to design and execute an inside sales model to help Mixpo expand into a new market. Within a few months they validated the ideal customer profile, sourced all the prospects, built out the process and infrastructure, and closed the initial deals to prove the business model. It was an ideal mix of expertise, methodology, and ”roll up your sleeves to get it done.” Best of all, we had all the metrics and reporting to track the progress the whole way.”

Anupam Gupta
CEO, Mixpo