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Looking for a unique career where you can apply your valuable experience and successful record in sales, marketing and management and really make a difference?

Job Description

Title: Partner

The ideal candidate is someone who has worked as a senior executive in a Fortune 1000 firm, been involved as a revenue responsible executive in early stage companies, and operated as a consultant during their career. Candidate should have a passion for refining and improving sales and business development best practices, be transaction oriented with solid business development and deal-making skills, possess exceptional consultative sales abilities, and have the natural ability to create a trusted atmosphere and inspire others to drive compelling value propositions and revenues. We are looking for independent, self-starters who possess strong character, unquestionable business ethics, and the ability to sell themselves. Candidate should have excellent communication skills and be the kind of person people like to work with and trust implicitly.


Professional Experience

Candidate should have fifteen, or more, years’ experience in sales, business development, and/or marketing. Candidate must have a demonstrated record of success in executive role(s) in business development and/or sales at Fortune 1000 firm(s), as well as experience in key revenue leadership roles within early stage companies, helping to grow them to successful businesses. Candidate should have broad sales and business development experience and proven results leading strategic discussions with senior management. Strong industry-specific vertical experience would be a plus.

You’ll do work that matters.

Growing successful businesses through the early to mid-stage of growth from $5mm – $200mm is no easy task. Companies need the wisdom that experience brings, and our partners have provided that to more than 200 companies throughout the past 15+ years helping many to accelerate revenue growth and achieve successful liquidity events.

You’ll be challenged and rewarded.

The work is intellectually challenging and diverse, and the rewards can be great. We use a leveraged business model that enables our partners to make a great living when they do great things for our clients….and our clients understand and appreciate that!

It’s a truly unique and fulfilling experience.

Every day is different, the freedom and latitude offered is energizing, and the Altus team is a joy to work with. We’re looking for great people who are curious, committed and inspired. You might just be looking for us.

“At Altus you’ll do the best work of your career with an inspired and extraordinarily talented group of professionals.”

Dave Jones

Co-Founder and Managing Partner